1.What is Fruganism?
Fruganism is a division of Vegetarianism. This word is derived from the word “Frugan” which, itself, is elicited from the combination of Frugivore and Vegan. Although the moral criteria of the fruganism is very similar to veganism, there is a main basic difference between these two, since fruganism respects animal life as well as plant life.

2.What do Frugans think of?
Frugans believe that a plants’ life is worth as much respect as the life of an animal. Thus, they have banned not only the consumption of animal-made products , but also the use of those products which lead to a plants’ death or harm.

3.What Frugans do not consume?
They only eat fruits, seeds, grains and nuts. Therefore, animal products, cabbage, lettuce, celery, vegetables, carrot, turnip, mushroom, potato, garlic, onion and generally the whole kinds of roots, plant glands, sprouts, leaves and stems do not exist on a frugans diet.

4.The Difference between Fruitarianism and Fruganism:
Fruganism differs from Fruitarianism since it does not emphasize the consumption of raw foods. Frugans like vegans eat cooked food. Therefore, by only a little change in their ingredients most vegans can cook their food according to their own recipes.

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